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Amiibo Octoling (Blue) (Splatoon Series) (US)

Amiibo Octoling (Blue) (Splatoon Series) (US)


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Media type: Toys to life - Figure

Compatibility: Region Free & Compatible with Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U & Nintendo 3DS

Package: NA - North America Packaging

Amiibo Octoling (Blue) (Splatoon Series). Amiibo is Nintendo's toys-to-life platform. It consists of a wireless communications and storage protocol, for connecting toys to the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch video game consoles. The platform was launched in November 2014 in the form of system software updates and a series of Amiibo-enabled figurines. These figurines are similar in form and functionality to that of the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series of toys-to-life platforms. The Amiibo platform was preannounced to potentially accommodate any form of toy, specifically including general plans for future card games. These toys use near field communication (NFC) to interact with supported video game software, allowing data to be transferred in and out of games and across multiple platforms. Amiibo functionality can be used directly with the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and New Nintendo 3DS consoles by using built-in NFC readers.

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