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Yubi Power Two AHDBT-301 Li-ion 3.7V 1280mAh GoPro Batteries Plus International Travel Charger Kit

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In today’s modern technology almost everyone has different devices like cell phones tablets cameras and many more. People use them for communication games and capturing photos. However since these devices only have limited battery life some of the users cannot enjoy all of the features. That is why rechargeable batteries and portable chargers became in demand so they can enjoy their device’s amazing features. Yubi Power 2 Batteries kit and Travel Charger Kits allow you to use your GoPro device up to ten times longer compared to using its original battery alone. It is specially made for GoPro cameras so you can capture every extraordinary moment that is worth keeping. Product Details: Two Battery Packs – This kit has two battery packs which uses 1280mAh. It is the latest and highest mAh so you can enjoy ten times longer battery life. You can also charge the other battery while using the other one so you can enjoy unlimited use of your device. Specially made for – GoPro HD Hero3 Hero3+ GoPro AHDBT-201 AHDBT-301 and AHDBT-302. Charge Indicator – It has an indicator so you can see if the battery is charging or if it is fully charged. Make sure that the batteries are fully charged before unplugging it to enjoy its maximum performance. Car Charger – The kit includes a car charger which is perfect for either short or long travels. It lets you charge your batteries while you are in the car so you can enjoy your device’s features once you reach your destination It is absolutely fast easy and convenient. 4 different plugs – It also includes four different plugs so you do not need to use a converter in order for it to fit a certain socket. It includes Eu Plug Au Plug Italian Plug and UK Plug. These four are some of the most common plugs so you can charge your batteries anytime and anywhere.


  • This battery is 1280mAh. This makes this battery life last up to five times longer
  • Fully Compatible with: GoPro AHDBT-201 GoPro AHDBT-301 GoPro AHDBT-302
  • GoPro HD HERO3 White Edition GoPro HD HERO3 Silver Edition GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition
  • GoPro HD HERO3+ Silver Edition GoPro HD HERO3+ Black Edition


30 Day Warranty