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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Manga Colors 23-Count

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Soft Core Create beautifully accomplished illustrations and artwork with Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils. Suitable for beginning and experienced artists these professional-quality colored pencils offer a range of colors and they feature thick soft cores which are ideal for color laydown blending shading and layering. Other features include rich lightfast pigments and leads that are designed to resist breakage. Prismacolor Premier Creations come alive with Prismacolor. Featuring inspired colors and pigments of unrivaled quality you can express your art in its purest form. Thick Soft Cores Using Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils you can add finesse to your illustration or art project. These adult coloring pencils feature-rich creamy cores that make them ideal for blending shading layering and drawing shadows. Superior Blending and Shading Effortlessly combine colors to create unique shades that match your imagination. Vibrant Pigments and Strong Leads Like other Prismacolor art supplies these Premier Colored Pencils feature-rich vibrantly pigmented colors along with thick robust leads to resisting cracking and chipping. Adults Love Coloring Books Enjoy hours of calming and creative fun with a set of adult coloring book pencils that help you fill in every detail with precisely the right color. Adult coloring pages spring to life with Prismacolor! Draw stunning Manga comics and cartoons with the Prismacolor Premier Manga colored pencil set. Featuring colors specifically selected to make your Manga come to life the set comes complete with 18 Soft Core pencils and 5 Verithin pencils. Soft Core pencils have rich silky cores that are ideal for blending and shading while Verithin pencils have thin strong cores that help you draw intricate details. All Prismacolor pencils have premium pigments and leads designed to resist breakage. This set equips you to draw it all from free-hand sketches to Manga comic books.


  • Soft Core and Verithin pencils in colors picked to help you draw Manga and comics
  • Soft Core pencils are perfect for blending and shading
  • Verithin pencils help you draw crisp details
  • High quality lightfast pigments and leads that resist breaking
  • 18 Soft Core and 5 Verithin Premier colored pencils


30 Day Warranty