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Frank Castle (or Castiglione, if you're being technical) just needs a hug, man. A former Catholic seminary student-turned-Marine and Navy Seal, Castle gets his start as an antihero when his wife and children are murdered by the Mafia in Central Park, right in front of him. Castle is injured in the attack but survives and swears vengeance on the powerful Costa family and the NYPD, who are tied to the Costa family and refuse to help Castle in his search for justice. Since that fateful day, Castle has waged a one-man war on crime as the Punisher.

If you need a little badass attitude in your everyday life, check out our brand new Punisher Underoos guy's tee and briefs set. It's made from comfortable, stretchy 100% cotton, which Frank Castle would probably dismiss as being too comfortable, but we can't all be vigilante ex-Marines.