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CASEPH Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand for Smartphones


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Transform your Android smartphone into a sanitizing wand with this Portable UVC Sanitizer Wand for Smartphones from CASEPH. This compact and portable device plugs directly into your smartphone's USB Type-C port which powers its built-in UVC light. The UVC light produces a strong type of ultraviolet radiation that can disinfect devices and objects in just 20 seconds. Simply wave it over what you want to clean bathing it in powerful UVC light. It's ideal for commonly used objects such as smartphones keys doorknobs wallets and more.


  • Sanitize Objects While On the Go
  • UVC Ultraviolet Light
  • Powered by Your Phone's USB Type-C Port
  • Sanitizes in Approximately 20 Seconds
  • Compact & Portable Design


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